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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising entails a range of advertising strategies distributed via the social media site Facebook. Advertisements for a company's own fan page or external websites may be written. Each advertiser has different grids for external…

SEO Trends 2021

How 2021 is going to be like for SEO professionals? 10 important SEO trends 2021 you need to know from top experts in the field. SEO trends 2021 Introduction A great SEO strategy should start by putting yourself in the user’s shoes and…

Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of site visits that are single-page sessions, with the visitor leaving without viewing a second page. It is typically used as a measurement of a website’s overall engagement. How is the…

Google Adsense for Beginners

Owning a website has become a career for many people. However, full-time hours don’t always result in full-time pay. Placing ads on your website can be a smart way to bring in some extra income, but it can be difficult to get started with…

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