advertising on your blog

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advertising on your blog

There is a range of steps you need to take before you start advertising on your blog, a basic guide is available to support you. All you need is just a website with the right configuration.

According to Google Adsense content policy: Advertisements are not allowed on adult blogs.

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a platform that allows you to display ads on your website or blog. It’s very easy to use and runs without any extra effort, automatically.

These advertisements are managed, sorted and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on a per-click or impression basis.

How it works

You only need to insert the AdSense JavaScript code into the web page if you want to participate in AdSense. Then, every time an end-user visits this page (e.g. a person surfing the Internet), the JavaScript code will display content from Google servers. When that end-user clicks on one of those ads, you’re going to make money. Right?

How to start

Well, there are a number of ways to start earning Google Adsense. I’m going to break it down into steps:

  • Pick a name for the domain and register it
  • Get Hosting Subscription
  • Install your WordPress
  • Sigup for Google Adsense
  • Get the code, and add it to your WordPress
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You can use any other blogging system, I just mentioned WordPress as a very easy example to start with.

Now, let’s talk in detail about each of these steps.

1.Domain name

There are hundreds of domain registrars, choose any of them to register your domain name.
Tip: Try to get a domain name that matches your blog content subject, for example, if your blog is about birthday gifts then you might need to think about registering a domain similar to a birthdaygiftblog. (com) (net) (a) (whatever).
Domain name price can start with 3$ per year.

2.Hosting subscription

There are a lot of web hosting providers, all you need to do is choose an appropriate package that you can afford, and then link your domain to your new hosting provider’s name server.
Tip: Find a provider that provides SSD storage, and a good reputation is a must..

3.Wordpress installation

Modern hosting providers offer you Cpanel hosting, which includes Softaculous, which allows you to focus on using apps instead of spending time installing them. It’s a matter of a few clicks to get your WordPress installed.
Tip: You can start building your new WordPress layout and style using a free, easy-to-use plugin called Elementer.

4.Sign up for AdSense

If you use Gmail or any other Google service, you already have one to create an AdSense account. When you create your AdSense account, you can create a Google account if you don’t.
Tip: You may be aware of those choices that are grayed out in your new AdSense account. This is because you need to do a few tasks before you can activate your account in full.

5.AdSense code

You can easily handle AdSense with WordPress and there are two plugins out of the box. The first is (Google site kit) that automatically generates your code, and enables you to use only a few clicks to connect your WordPress and AdSense with the account.

The second plugin is the Ad inserter plugin, it is just a wonderful WordPress Adsense plugin, which allows you to select where to show ads.

Tip: The ads.txt file must be created and stored in your website’s root directory. After your site has been accepted by the Google AdSense team, you will be given the file’s content.

You are now eligible for your AdSense account, write some good articles, and start earning.

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